Sunday, December 5, 2010

Love as a Verb

Three superfluous words
hang weightless objects
of affliction.

Breeds helpless logic
a cold lonely bed
cobwebbed kisses
and a numb pubic bone

Fractured by incessant
failed relationship statuses
girl you never learn.

This relentless
falling in love with poets
never to taste more
than words

a curse.

The light preceded
lonely darkness
and you can spread out
like a starfish

Waking up alone
to light seeping
through blinds

accompanied by squeals

from happy children
who won’t witness
another daddy substitute
passing through from
lustful night.

Kick around a ball
then leave before
they had a chance
to remember his name.

Rather save those words
peel away flesh
dance in the mirror
of self empowerment

Then choose that
which you fully

Poetess Maria lives in Liverpool, where she howls at the moon and drinks Jameson whiskey, while writing tremendous prose and poetry. You can find a morsel of her work in the Clinical Brutal Anthology from Clinicality Press as well as other online & print publications.