Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two from M for Magicant


Each of your colors


Pipe bombs in school


I threw her on the bed and looked at her bum.
I pulled her panties off. I put my belly on her.
I took her boobs out of her shirt, individually, like eggs.
Like eggs I squeezed her head. I squeezed her boobs.
I put one back in her shirt, I let the other flop around.
I put my hands on top of her head, as well as under her head.
I tweaked her nipples. I took the boob that's in, I took it out.
And vice versa. I grabbed her throat.
I put my weight on her, I really leaned into it.
I put her on her back. I made her suck it.
I squeezed one boob while she jerked me. I left it alone.
I let it just hang there.
I came on her cheek nose eye.
I rubbed it on her tongue.
She forces a smile.
Her teeth are kinda crooked.
She's not gorgeous but she's gotta nice body still.

M for Magicant is Canadian and goes jogging at 3am.

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