Monday, September 12, 2011

3 Poems from Misti Rainwater-Lites

Dead Like Bacon

Most of the marriages around me are dead like

chewy not crispy bacon and I’m not talking

about the bacon you put in the goddamn

microwave I’m talking serious old school

skillet sizzling thick slab real pork not turkey

bacon here. Marriages are dead and not

fertilizing much of anything. Take Mark

his wife is beautiful the stuff of mythology

and I’m not talking about Medusa or Baba

fuckin’ Yaga. I’m talking Betty Boop but

with a smaller head. Mark’s wife is one

bodacious bitch but his hands were all

over my thighs as the three of us looked

up at the stars from the bed of my truck

and she was too spaced out on pineapple

wine coolers to notice. When it comes time

to find a lost jean jacket men get bitter

about it, though, bring up shit that has been

stewing in the pot since 1989 when Vanilla

Ice was all the rage and people were talking

about all the fun kinds of condom that could

be had for free if you were ballsy enough

to grab them from the basket. Women, petty

creatures that we are, get bitter about much

lesser things.

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Saturday Night in Shitsville, USA

We was all just sittin' around the chickenshack shootin' the shit slammin' them moonshine shooters talkin' bout better days when stamps were licked and balls were kicked when a goddamn blaster worm screamed somethin' we no could decipher, somethin' bout how we is all a bunch of fuckin' sorry excuses for human beans.

My Lipstick on Her Left Tit

He was paying he was telling me
how wet her pussy was
and the music sucked
but she was eighteen
and on his lap and in my face
with her sweet soft tits
her abs you could balance
a tumbler of Maker's Mark on
so what else
would I do.

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  1. Is it tacky of me to slobber all over myself with orgiastic praise? I love this shit!

  2. not at fact we encourage that sort of behavior here at the Meth Lab: in fact, if it isn't orgasmic, then it better be laced with something cause we ain't havin it...thanks for contributing to the newest batch. distribute!

  3. aw, shit.
    drunken kisses all the way around.
    gracias and de nada.

  4. love those portraits of pure americana!

  5. thanks elaine. misti's work was the real magic here, the rest just fell into place naturally.

  6. You're poetry is so unique and very refreshing.

    I very much admire your work and like your style of writing. Pure awesomeness.


  7. i threw up in my mouth a little, gross